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Glenn Kirkwood Shares His Experience – Live

Glenn has worked in marketing and sales for most of his adult life, building businesses. Today, he still runs companies – but the focus of those businesses has shifted to helping other people build their success. One of the ways he does that is by speaking to sales teams and sharing with them some of the key lessons that he has learnt. Secrets that will make the teams far more effective and create higher value sales and much more repeat business.

Tailored Talks For Your Sales Teams

Glenn has spoken to small teams, sometimes even training individuals, but most of the sales teams he helps are between 20 and 100 strong. So, if you are looking for a keynote speaker at an annual sales convention, Glenn will meet with you for a detailed consultation, to see if you and he are a good fit for one another. Then, he will meet with some key members of the sales team so that he can design a talk to address whatever sales issues he identifies for you, in order to give you the very best results.

We Buy from People We Know, Like and Trust

There is enormous value in the network of relationships we all have and the new ones we create. Glenn explains:

It’s a funny part of human nature but people don’t really want to be sold to – they want to buy. And people all over the world are the same in that they want to buy from people they know, like and trust. And guess what, the people who sell really like to be known, liked and trusted. That simple truth transforms the whole business of making a sale into a pleasure. The relationship begins by creating trust. Building trust and agreement is the key to successful selling. How you do that reliably, efficiently and effectively is what I share with audiences.

Glenn gives keynote talks that typically last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on what you need. These talks are designed to take all the struggle out of selling and make it satisfying, rewarding and fun – for both the buyer and the seller. Everybody wins – and once you’ve earned the trust of your buyers, they will come back to you, open to whatever else you may have on offer.

To find out more, please get in touch to arrange a personal meeting with Glenn or to connect via skype. A media kit is also available to assist you to promote an event.

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