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The Marketing Mentor team share their experience and the knowledge of top experts with you in this e-learning series, delivered week by week so you can learn and implement what you know at your own pace.

The top 3 reasons people have joined this program:

1 : Business owners know their own products and services then realise they need help with marketing.
2 : To rapidly find new customers.
3 : To successfully launch new products.

‘Marketing is a contest for people’s attention’ – marketing guru, Seth Godin

In a crowded and competitive commercial world, how do you attract and keep your customers’ attention? The Marketing Mentor shows you exactly how to connect with your market and sell to them in such a way that they genuinely enjoy doing business with you. Your customers come back for more – and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

I’ve developed and grown many businesses over my career as an entrepreneur. The coaching, mentoring and the tools That Referral Guy has equipped me with allow me to fast-track my communication to get the best out of my teams, my referral partners and our clients. This allows me to achieve goals, approaching them with clarity and much shorter timelines.

Create Leads. Convert Leads. Make Sales. Make More Sales.

Marketing has a mission: to find more customers so you can make more sales. Your Marketing Mentor will take you through the whole process that will find more leads, convert more leads, convince your customers to buy more from you at better prices and more often, and increase your profits so you can grow your business. We stand by all of our clients to make sure you achieve the results you deserve.

I am now a more effective leader for my teams, my referral partners and my clients. I have changed the way I do business and over 90% of our business is now generated by referral. That Referral Guy truly lives by the ‘givers gain’ philosophy and will teach you to do the same.

Marketing Mentor

Move your business into high gear by becoming your own marketing expert. Your course is individually tailored to you based on an in-depth profile we create with you.

$97/ MONTH


  • This outstanding E-learning series comes in weekly instalments for you to study at your own pace.
  • This is a Quick Start Program – so you can be up and running fast, earning as you learn.
  • With the skills you acquire, you will generate more leads than you can handle.
  • Using these tools, you will convert more leads to sales than you have ever done before.
  • You will know how to convince your existing customers to buy more from you.
  • Raise your prices without losing sales, growing your profits and dominating your market.
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That Referral Guy is the go-to team for in-depth knowledge of how to grow your business and maintain that growth. With a wealth of practical tools and real world applications, That Referral Guy reveals the power of doing business by referral. Once learnt, you will never look back. That Referral Guy now trains hundreds of businesspeople how to grow their businesses by harnessing the power of referral relationships.


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