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BNI – The Most Successful Referral Marketing Organisation in the World

The most powerful form of advertising yet devised can’t be bought – but it can be created. Word of mouth beats any other form of marketing. A personal recommendation from a trusted source is much more likely to influence customer behaviour than any amount of paid advertising. BNI has built an entire networking system around that simple truth and the results have been outstanding.

The top 3 reasons people join BNI:

1 : To grow their business through the power of referrals.
2 : To become part of a dynamic group of dedicated individuals.
3 : To share contacts, knowledge and experience to help one another in business.

Generosity Leads to Profits 

The philosophy of BNI is expressed in two words: givers gain. The law of reciprocity becomes one of your most powerful business tools. As you help the members of your BNI group to grow their businesses, they will naturally be inspired to help you grow yours. The more you help others, the more they help you. Every year in Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast, the Lower Hunter and southwestern Sydney, members exchange $millions of dollars in extra revenue they would never have generated on their own.

That Referral Guy is driven by the desire to help people succeed and share that success. There is a level of honesty and directness that is all too rare. The tools are completely practical and you are shown how to apply them. It is inspiring and practical at the same time. That Referral Guy really is about getting results.

Get Connected

By becoming part of the BNI network of committed businesspeople, if you want to meet a specific person who can help you, there is a very good chance that someone in your group will know someone who knows that person – or someone who can connect you. Because BNI members have trusting relationships with one another, important contacts are shared and everybody wins.

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BNI Team

Experience the most effective referral network in the world. Visit a BNI group in Sydney Southwest, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle & the Lower Hunter Valley.

$946/ YEAR


  • Become part of an inner circle of trusted business associates, sharing contacts and opportunities to grow your business.
  • Receive training to become a highly effective networker, giving and receiving genuine qualified referrals every week.
  • Learn how to make your network really work for you, and connect to other powerful networks.
  • Become a valued member of the business community as you help others, because givers really do gain – the more you help others, the more they will help you.
  • Become part of a worldwide network of over 160,000 businesspeople in 50 countries and have a share in over $5 Billion of extra revenue.
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That Referral Guy is the go-to team for in-depth knowledge of how to grow your business and maintain that growth. With a wealth of practical tools and real world applications, That Referral Guy reveals the power of doing business by referral. Once learnt, you will never look back. That Referral Guy now trains hundreds of businesspeople how to grow their businesses by harnessing the power of referral relationships.


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