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TRUTH or DELUSION? Your ability to handle referrals from your network is more important than your network’s ability to handle referrals from you.

DELUSION. They are equally important.

A true master networker works on building not just her own business but the businesses of her fellow networkers.

If you have a growing customer base, you’re going to be generating a lot more business for your referral partners. In order to strengthen your referral network and keep your business growing, you need to make sure your partners can handle all the referrals you will be providing.

A true master networker works on building not just her own business but the businesses of her fellow networkers.

 When you offer your referral partner a business opportunity he can’t handle, several things can happen. He may try to provide the product or service but do a poor job, upsetting the customer – your friend or colleague – and damaging your reputation. He may pass the referral along to someone you don’t know, taking control of your referral relationship away from you and putting your reputation at risk. Or he may decline the referral, forcing you to spend additional time finding another person to give the referral to. You may have to go outside your network to put the prospect in touch with someone who can get the job done; this defeats the purpose of your referral network. You may even have to admit to your contact that you cannot help him after all.

Referrals work both ways. When you receive one, it benefits your business directly. When you give one, it strengthens your network while benefiting your referral partner. If you grow big and strong but your referral network doesn’t, you will eventually become a network of one. To keep this from happening, take every opportunity to enhance your networking partners’ businesses; recruit new people and professions to your network; and extend your network through linchpin members that connect you with new industries, professions, and geographic locales.

If you grow big and strong but your referral network doesn’t, you will eventually become a network of one.

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