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Hey everybody! Glenn Kirkwood, AKA “That Referral Guy.

I want to come to you with another referral tip. See, there’s two people that you can actually target when you are communicating with anyone really with social media: BNI Chapter or going to a chamber event–anything like that. You get the chance to stand up and pitch about what it is you do.

See, most people just tell people what they do and that’s not the best or the most effective way to find referrals.

The most effective way is to train people on what you’re looking for or look for a referral partners.

Train People on What You’re Looking For

In this video I want to talk to you about how you go back training. So, I am gonna use the example of a real-estate agent.

A real-estate agent can stand up and just talk about, you know, “Hey, I am a real-estate agent. We clear this many properties.” or, “We are looking for people to sell homes.”

But the reality is that no one walks around and is actually asking for that. Actually, walk around. People see what people are doing or saying. An example of that would be that, someone is doing up their front lawn. So, I’ve just recently done that, and as you can see behind me I pull out all these weeds that are now here–and there’s a lot of them.

But what was amazing was the amount of people that actually stopped passed and so they said, “Why are you doing up the garden? Tell me, are you selling?” This would be a great indicator–someone’s doing up there property in order for them to sell.

So train people on what they will see, or hear, or smell. In this example, it could be cleaning up the garden. The other one would be–I am doing that as well. Again, if you are real-estate agent, rather than buying new fence, someone suggested to me that, “You gurney your fence.” And I thought, “Well, you know what? We’ll give that a crack because we gurnied the concrete last week.”

Here’s what difference it makes. You can see the fence behind me. That’s what I’ve gurnied. You can see the part that I gurnied now. Once I come down here, you can see the old timber. Sorry, it’s the same timber but it hasn’t been gurnied and what a huge difference it makes.

Some are very proud of their house. That’s what I am doing right now: gonna fix up the house while I’ve got a day-off, or they getting their house ready for sale.

So if you are a real-estate agent, train people of what they will see. So, when you pick people–your referral partners–the people that you train go out there, they’re out there to identify those things, and ask people, “Hey, are you selling? Do go to good a real-estate agent.”

If you are after more tips, then go to our Referral Guide page, or you can connect to our newsletter or blog or comment on our social media below what your industry is, and I will try do a very quick video about the tops of the things we usually train doing in some.

If you like this video, give us a like. If you are a real-estate agent, you know your area then feel free to share. Or if you are looking at property investing, then PM me. I’ve got some great templates I can give you.

Bye for now.

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