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People Will Lie To You

Good morning everybody and welcome to a fantastic start to the day. I just thought I’d do a quick, little video about people lying.



See, people are gonna lie. They do it all the time. You are gonna be lied to today. Not necessarily intentionally. And people are gonna tell you that they’re the best at what they do. They’re gonna tell you that they can do whatever or not it is you’ve asked. You’re going to walk into somebody’s business and they’re gonna tell you that they can fix that particular problem. Who doesn’t speak highly about their business? But the reality is that people will lie to you or let you down, not necessarily in ways that they intended to, but they will lie to you. So what’s the key? How do you actually get around that?

Build a team you trust

What you actually need to do is actually build up a team of people that you trust. Build up a team of people that you can rely on for when you need information, whether or not you need information in buying a car, you’re buying a house, you’re going away on holidays, to a nice restaurant – who are the people that you trust when you’re in an area to give you the real truth? Because generally speaking, it shouldn’t be the business owner. You should be looking to the people that you know you can trust in your community, and I implore you to actually build up a team of people around you that you can ask for advice for. And there are 3 different areas that you got.

  1. You’ve got an information network. This is a group of people that you go to information for – buying a new laptop, buying a car – stuff that you don’t understand.
  1. You’ve got a business network. That’s a group of business owners that refer your business backwards and forwards, you’re promoting, they’re promoting you.
  1. And then, of course, you’ve got your support network. I’ve an amazing network in pretty much all 3 of them, only because I’ve taken the time to invest in those relationships. So just want to wrap it up today, so to say thanks very much for everyone being on the call, but don’t be surprised if someone lies to you. That’s just what they do.

They’re not doing it to hurt you, they’re not doing it to damage you, but don’t necessarily mean that that’s gonna be the person that’s going to actually do the right thing by you. But when you do turn and when you get referred by someone, you can ask them why are you referring this person, and generally speaking people are going to have a favorable–they’re going to have an experience with that particular person. They’re going to tell you why they’re actually referring them because they’ve either had the same experience themselves for a similar problem, and that’s why they’re going to refer this particular individual.

So don’t be surprised. People are going to lie to you. Get over it. Build yourself up a large network of people who you trust.

If you’re looking to build yourself up a business network of people that you want to rely and promote you, then pop your details below, send me a private message.

So if you’re looking to grow your business and you want people that could be out there spreading your positive word of mouth, then give me a call.

Bye for now everybody. Have a great day!

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