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Networking Tip #12 – Learn to Play Golf or Something


Most people agree that golf outings, because of their non-threatening nature can be good for forging relationships. Whatever activity you prefer, you can use it to bring people together in situations that are conductive to forming symbiotic relationships. How do you capitalise on the potential of your catalyst events to generate referrals for you? By inviting the right […]


Networking Tip #11 – Follow Up TODAY

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Follow-up is the lifeblood of effective networking. When your #1 objective is to cultivate strong relationships with other business professionals and build social capital, you must demonstrate your commitment by following up on every promise, contact and opportunity to help your networking partner.  Your ability to follow up is critical towards building credibility and networking your business. […]


Networking Tip #10 Send a Thank-You Card


For most written communication, we simplify our lives by turning to the computer, but in doing so we make our personal messages feel somehow less personal. For that reason, a handwritten card of thanks now carries even more cordiality than when it was the norm. A typical thank-you note might consist of 3 sentences. (Honestly, how long does […]


Networking Tip #9 – Volunteer and Become Visible


Volunteering can position you to meet key people in your community. It connects you with people who share your passion. It gives you opportunities to demonstrate your talents, skills, and integrity, as well as your ability to follow up and do what you say you are going to do – and it does all this outside the business […]


Networking Tip #8 – Find an Accountability Partner


Being held accountable for our actions, performance, and commitments tend to heighten our awareness of what we have promised to do. The urge to comply compels us to perform at a higher level. So why not find an accountability partner for networking your business? Having someone looking over your shoulder, waiting to hear of your progress makes you […]



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