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Hi Everybody, Glenn Kirkwood here, a.k.a ‘That Referral Guy’ and we’re in here in beautiful Table 1 where we just actually had to be in an Action meeting.

Glenn: I’m here with Melody who is the, or has the category of ‘Work Wear’, isn’t it?

Melody: Yeah that’s right. Totally WorkWear.

Glenn: And we’ve just done a one-to-one, a great one-to-one, where we really learned a lot about you and your family. What’s important to you and stuff like that. In that one–the one you just told me that you were buying your business sounds exciting.

Melody: Very Exciting. Yeah. Yeah. More challenges.

Glenn: I think any business though is gonna be full of challenges, stuff like that. So one thing I can tell you on this particular one that I have learned is how passionate Melody is about family, and treating your customers like family. If you’re someone who likes family values, dealing with a good old-fashioned country girl, and giving and going beyond all the time, then you might want to just reach out and give them like a quick call. If you’re needing uniforms for us to use, what else do you supply?

Melody: Safety gear, footwear, and we can do promotional gear as well.

Glenn: Promotional Gear. Those are all branded and stuff like that.

Melody: Yep.

Glenn: The reason why I’m doing this video is because, you know, Mel doesn’t really like asking for help, and I think this is one thing that I can actually do to help her.

So if you’re in the New Castle sort of area and you come looking for someone just to, just give it back to you. I can tell you, and I can guarantee you that she will get back to you within 24 hours. Either with a quote, or follow you up, and getting the information you need. That’s right, is it? Something you’re really passionate about, don’t you?

Melanie: Yep, yep.

Glenn: So if you get pissed off at your current supplier and want someone to just treat you like a real person. And actually do yourself a favour. Mel, how would somebody get hold of you?

Melanie: They can either call me at Totally Workwear Store at the Salamander on 982 0944. Or I’ve got a mobile which is 0448306077.

Glenn: I’ll go pop Mel’s details down below, contact email address, and all of that. Both her or Shane, her husband and partner in the business will make sure they get back to you. All right. Thanks very much everyone.

Melanie: Okay, Thank you. Bye.


Totally Workwear Newcastle
02 4982 0944

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