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If it’s not Special, Stop.

Hi everyone! Normally, I do a video every Sunday but I do it from Woolies. Today, I’ve decided to do it from my home. So, I could tell you a story about me washing the car the other day.




The theme of this particular video is “if it’s no longer special, stop doing it”.

More importantly, if you no longer make them feel special, stop doing it. So, here’s what happened that inspired this particular story.

See, yesterday it wasn’t as gorgeous it is today, and it was raining. It was overcast and drizzling. I was out there cleaning my car. As you can see, it’s a beautiful car, and I’m washing it at the moment. I’ve only had it for weeks, but I’m washing it about, 4 times a week because I want to keep it in pretty good nick.

But I wash it because it’s special to me. I want to make sure that it’s clean and looking at its best. So that when I’m driving it I feel special.

But it made me think about the way we do relationships.

How do we do relationships?

I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day and thinking about someone else. And when you stop doing the things that actually make them feel special, or you, special towards the relationship then it’s dead.

It might may as well be.

Talking about that honeymoon stage of the relationship, if you’ve got a significant other, a wife, or a lover or girlfriend or in your case it might be a guy friend.

When you stop doing the things that actually make them feel special, or you feel special, or to be really cute, the relationship is not normal.

It’s not moving into ‘we’re just doing everyday things’.

It’s no longer special and it’s the start to just taking the relationship for granted and the relationship going–going south I guess so that’s my opinion anyway.

Have a look at the relationships that matter to you.

Look and see how you’re actually turning up and treating them.

Someone told me the other day that they were talking with their partner when they come home. And they’re texting on the phone, or working on the computer, or watching TV, and trying to talk to them–trying to multitask.

And from a guy’s point of view, but this one specifically for guys, I’ve got to tell you when when your female partner actually sees that they just shut down.

They’re no longer going to engage with you.

They no longer feel special because they’re not feeling the love they need your full attention.

To feel special, to feel like a princess in the relationship.

So, whether it’s your car, whether it’s your own health, whether it’s your special friend, your relationship, or wife, or it’s your job, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re not showing up and treating it special like it’s just new, you’re just not trying hard enough and you’re not going to get the most out of yourself or them, or the car, or whatever it is.

So, I urge you get into making things be special again.

All right. Have an awesome day. Love to hear what your comments are below or if you like this particular post. Then like it or share it. If it makes a difference or you like me to do a video on something else, then let me know. Hopefully, you enjoy the day. Bye for now.


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