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Good morning everyone and how are you? I’ve got a group of business owners in the room behind me. I’ll be talking to them about doing it differently.



The, opening working exercise that I’ve got them to do morning is: With the knowledge you’ve gotten now–and if you could go back in time–what would you do differently?

Now, for me, it was I wouldn’t have doubted myself. I would have gotten better at asking qualifying questions before I took on clients.

In the beginning, I think I kind of took on clients that perhaps I shouldn’t have. And that was partly because I needed the money. You know, so that if they had a pulse, I took them on.

As my business is growing, I’ve learned that…

You don’t need to take anybody.

You didn’t say you could rot to their money.

So, these business owners here are doing an exercise that I’ve actually asked them to do. And share about what they would do differently.

So, they’re sharing their experiences. Then I’m going to build that into the conversation. To show them that working in teams, or working with other businesses can actually get the business to grow.

What I’d like to actually for you right now is actually just comment below, what would you do differently if you could go back in time when you started out you business?

Alright, that’s it. Have a great day everybody. Bye for now.

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