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Do You Know Value?

Hi everybody!

Today’s topic I want to talk to you about value, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s personal or in business. I’m going to give you one story and then ask you a question at the end.

I’ve been researching for a particular new pair of sunnies. And I would spend somewhere between 3 and 400–would be the steep end, but if they were really cool then I’d probably buy them.

We were away at Hamilton Island this Christmas and I saw a pair of ‘sunnies’ that I really like. I like the style and the like. But I’m too chicken to actually ask this particular person, “Could I try them on?” So I’ve been researching across all the different name brand websites to find them.  And I know roughly what I mean for when I see them, and I’m prepared to pay.

So today, we went to Glebe markets and I saw this particular ‘sunnies’. They were sitting upside down in a case so I couldn’t really see them. But I waited my turn hoping no one sort of, you know, looked at them. Then I got to grab the pair of sunnies, pull them out, and I put them on straight away. And, they felt right. Right. This is exactly the style that I was after. And I asked that particular person how much they are. She said 20 bucks. Now they felt better than $20 straight away. I knew the value.

I later on went on and Googled this particular brand name, and these glasses are $1,650. Now, not that I’d ever pay $1,650 for a pair of glasses but I knew the value as soon as I put them on, and I was just curious to find out how much they were. So when she said $20, I thought that’s incredible value. I’ve actually just got to buy them.

Your clients know a good deal when they see it, too.

So when you’re out there in the marketplace, don’t ever underestimate the value that you bring and don’t actually try and sell the product. Just point out the features and the benefits to them of what the product offers and they will make the right choice for them.

I’ve been selling marketing coaching–referral marketing–for a number of years and I’ve never actually had to explain the value that we offer. It was important for me to know it so that I could ask any questions to people. But when someone has been researching a product, like as much as I’ve been researching these glasses, they know the value as soon as you tell them the price about what they’re offering. And if they do explain and say “Mmm, that’s not really what I’m after” or that’s their price, then that’s a great indicator that they’re not the right client for you.

So get out there and sell the product. Find the right type of people that believe that you offer great value in your communication through social media, and everything that you offer.

Just point out that the benefits to the end user.

Believe me, you’ll attract better clients, have a better life and run a better business because of it.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my $1,650 dollar shades for 20 bucks. Bye for now.

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