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Good morning people! Glenn Kirkwood, AKA “That Referral Guy”.

I’m in Woolies doing my Sunday shopping. And I came across a great sort of product that I want to talk to you about today. And it is the “Mack’s Snore Blocking Earplugs”.

So I wanted to point out a couple of things about this particular product. First of all, you will notice that the thing that grab me was it has ‘snore blocking technology’. I mean, what’s a snore blocking technology?

Anyway, has a really couple of great things on here about how to promote a particular product or you, I mean for me, I am that particular brand.

#1 Extra Features

But first of all, easy to notice that sort of a packaging, but have a look at it, the ‘snore blocking technology’. That’s a great feature that’s something that if you were out camping with someone, you really get the sheets with.

#2 Bonuses

I really like the bonus that they give you, a free carry case. I mean how hard is it to carry earplugs anyway? But all of the sudden, they’ve got a free carry case–that is extra value. Their extreme comfort, okay so what sort of thing would you be putting in your ear when it weren’t comfortable.

It blocks that snoring spouses, yup! Have roommates, fishing buddies, travel buddies. So look, the big point here:

What sort of value do you bringing to your community, and do you point out the bonuses or the extra features?

Would you describe it in the things about you? I mean, if you’re always making your particular product about you, and not about your clients, you’re really gonna miss some potential people that actually work for a product to be able to work for.

A lot of business owners do this–that talks about the features–and most people don’t give shit about this features. They think about the benefits for them.

So, my big point here today is:

Make sure that you’re pointing out an understanding from your client’s perspective or a prospect’s perspective.

So if you don’t know how to do that, PM me and I can give you some grab material. Or you can just go out and talk to one of your clients. Get to know them a little bit better and find out:

  • Why do you come to me?
  • Why do you actually use this particular product or service?
  • How can we overcome the objection that you have for people?
  • What does this product solve for people?

Good to see everybody is out of bed and having a great day. Get out and enjoy the Sunday. I’ll continue with the rest of my shopping. Bye for now.

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