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Confession Time

Okay, Stop. This is confession time.

Most people know me as “That Referral Guy”, and I work with awesome small business owners. To help them around increasing referral, either in team or individually businesses or speaking from stage–that’s really my passion is.

But in this video I am gonna share with you a confession.



Did you ever find that you are comfortable helping people, but aren’t very good in receiving help yourself?

Or you could be a person who asks can you help someone, and you don’t give it yourself. Or you don’t offer when someone says “Listen, can I help you?” and you got nothing to help them?

And that’s me.

I have a big problem letting people assist me. Last week, I did a quick video about taking advice, being accepting of people’s help, and also patience. But I had a really good chat with a guy called Mick O’Shea at BNI Unity this week and thanks Mick for bringing this to my attention. I really suck to being generous around allowing people to help me. In fact, in the conversation, we were talking. And I think I said, I am actually very stingy in my allowing people to help me. And through that, what I learned was: If I don’t come up with ways that people could help me when I asked, “How can I help?” then I am really denying them of the great feeling it is when you help someone.

So I want to let people know that I am gonna work on that.

I am gonna start my day with working out ways that people could help me. And I look it now as a gift–I am giving them a gift of helping. Not like I am acting, and those people who don’t know me well, I am not getting something from people. But it is a real gift when you give a gift to someone if you allow them to help you because they walk away feeling good.

I want you to click ‘like’ below if something like this happening to you.

Where you’ve help a lady across the way, cross the road. You’ve help someone their shopping trolley, or you are taking someone to a train station, help a complete stranger do something or to choose something. And you really felt good about yourself. I enjoyed that so much that I actually, pretty much run a business like that. But it is not really balancing the situation if you don’t allowing other people to contribute to you. And don’t look at it like you get something, look at it like you are to give allowing the gift of allowing to share.

I am giving up my stingyness around sharing or allowing people to share to me.

Hopefully you get something out from this short little video. Allow people to help you, alright? Get out there and help other people and feel good about yourself. Have a great weekend everybody.

Bye for now.

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