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Hi everyone, and welcome from Woolies again. Today is Sunday, out doing our morning shopping. This week I had the incredible opportunity to crew at Kate Engles’s PR Masterclass and it taught me a couple of things.




I put down my name to come along and be one of the crew members and it was a 3-day event where people were learning to leverage PR and Kate is an expert in the area of that and showing people on how to work with the media.

Anyway, she needs about 12 people to be crew members, and the crew members really serve and do everything that the participants require. So welcome them back into the room, making sure that they get back into the room, doing little tasks for them, make sure they’re comfortable, answering any questions in joint–the team breakouts or that sort of thing.

Being of service really taught me a couple of things

…because most of you know that I’m normally the one at the front of the room, but actually being of service to the people, the participants that were there, actually really taught me a couple of great lessons.

At the end of the–the beginning of every day and the end of every day, we always had a team meeting and I’d normally share a couple of different points. But at the end of the last day, we had a little bit of a cocktail party. The one thing that I shared was that being of service to others is a huge gift. You know, you can stay in the background, you don’t need the accolades, all that sort of thing. Well that was a new experience for me, and what it allowed me to do was to really connect with the other people that were crewing and seeing them just be of service.

The thing that was really quite unique for me is that most people get around and tell you, you know, how good they are or show you how good they are, but when you see someone being of service without any ego and just wanting to serve other people, it actually builds up a level of trust with you, like you want to help them, because you’ve seen them in an environment that’s removed of ego. And there were about 9 other crew members all of which I would personally help. So if you get the opportunity to be in an area of service and you get to hang around other with people of that, I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It really is a unique opportunity to crew at an event or see and work with other people that would be of service.

What I’m going to encourage you this week is to turn up to an event, offer to help and be of service to others. Remove your own ego, what the things that you think are important to you, and just serve other people. You’ll learn definitely a couple of other things about yourself, whether or not your ego does pop up or not, but just to give to other people is a very, very unique way to do that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, the rest of your weekend. Have an amazing week and thank you, everyone, for being on the call on my Sunday Shop-out.

Have an awesome Sunday, hopefully you got something out of this. And go be of service.

Bye for now.

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