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Be Grateful

Well, good morning! It’s Sunday and I’m so bored of being in my house but I want to do a quick little video about being grateful.

Some of you know that I broke my leg, probably about two weeks ago. What I am doing today is going around, doing the shopping with Penny.

And it’s a lot harder than I thought.

So I am gonna do just a quick little video to talk about being grateful for a lot of things that you have because you don’t realize what you do until all of a sudden it’s gone.

Being mobile, or having the ability to be mobile, is actually a lot better than you think. So being rested up for the last two weeks, on the lounge basically, I have done a couple of chapter visits. But just getting around the shopping center with one leg–with a broken leg–is a lot harder than I thought.

Be grateful for wherever you are at in life.

Be grateful for what you have so I am grateful that I am above ground.

I am grateful that I have a lot friends to support me and thanks to everybody that reached has out and sent their inbox messages or phone calls especially my dear dear friend. Richard. I just want to say: thanks to him and Roger and Justin, you guys are amazing on the ski tour.

To my kids and my wife, Penny. Thank you very much for going, getting everything you do on the time we drink or make up.

To my amazing team and staff, to Bernie, Luis, Ginger, Susan, Kendra, Zazeh. All of those people doing amazing job looking after our clients and I think things might change for me soon.

But I am very very grateful having you in my life.

To all our amazing clients, who we serviced we did a lot of business last year and I am grateful to each every one of you even to the ones that caused me stress and frustration, I am grateful because you gave me opportunities to learn and grow.

To all my friends, and you know who you are. I love you dearly.

This particular process has taught me two things:

1. The Art of Patience

It taught me the art of patience because everything takes longer just getting dressed in the morning to go to a chapter visit takes an hour and I am usually 15-20 minute guy so I am learning the art of patience and that’s very interesting.

2. The Acceptance

I am not a big person to accept help, I’d have to learn how to accept help. Just getting around airports or having people offer to do things for me, I have to be ready. And the thing that I learn about that is people always willing to help you, just make sure you get out and thank them for doing so.

Thank you very much everyone. Even to my beautiful little neighbours, there they are. To Ruth and John. Where is John? He is quite shy. Hi John–his morning’s best on Sunday. Thanks for being my neighbours and friends that’s why the reason I come up to.

So, Have a great Sunday everybody and Thank you very much!

Be grateful.

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