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For the first twenty years of his working life, Glenn Kirkwood was in sales and he was very good at it, taking his giftware business from turning over $400,000 to more than $14 million. He admits that he was jaded, affected by the cynicism he witnessed in the sales process. But then, one morning, things changed. Glenn was invited to meet a small group of business people over breakfast. More used to highly competitive behaviour and the ‘every man for himself’ atmosphere of sales, Glenn was astonished by the attitude of the people he met that day. Every one of them asked him, ‘How can I help you?’

Glenn had been introduced to BNI – Business Networking International, the most successful referral-marketing organisation in the world, whose philosophy is ‘Givers Gain’. On average, the members of BNI who Glenn met that day were receiving more than 20 times what it cost them to be members.

This was such a different way of doing business, replacing competition with co-operation, building trust and forging enduring relationships. So, Glenn researched BNI and its growing success in 50 countries, and made a decision that changed the direction of his life. Within weeks, he sold his gift business and bought every BNI region he could. While he worked to grow the membership of BNI, he also spent years searching out the very best resources from all over the world to train other businesspeople in the attitudes and techniques that generate literally billions of dollars of revenue through referral marketing.

I want to teach people how to do business by referral because I want people to do business with the right people for them.

While money remains important, it is no longer central to Glenn’s definition of success.

I now measure success by the number of decisions I can make without looking at my bank account. That can mean travelling somewhere new or simply being able to take the time to kick a ball with my kids.

Having money is a good thing, but it is not every day that you meet someone whose life really seems to be rich: Glenn Kirkwood is one of those people.

“I am training a team of 12 people, helping each of them to be successful. I touch base with them every day. And each of them has 10 or 12 people who they’re helping to be successful. And those people are given the tools to pass on their success. Creating more successful, happy people who can enjoy the same freedom to make choices that I have - that is my goal.”

Glenn Kirkwood - That Referral Guy


That Referral Guy is the go-to team for in-depth knowledge of how to grow your business and maintain that growth. With a wealth of practical tools and real world applications, That Referral Guy reveals the power of doing business by referral. Once learnt, you will never look back. That Referral Guy now trains hundreds of businesspeople how to grow their businesses by harnessing the power of referral relationships.


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